Sunday, August 17, 2008


I saw this on a couple of friends' blogs and I just couldn't resist. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to reminisce! I just could not help myself. Here goes.
1. As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me well or not; just anything that you remember.
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. Its actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume that you are playing the game and I will come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog or if you don't have a blog I will post my memory of you in my comments! Sounds fun right....well, start thinkin'!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Remodle Update

This was right before they started laying the carpet. Yes this was a long time ago but I never posted it so here you go as soon as I get thing situated I will post a final picture. I love the colors that I chose my favorites are the most bold choices in the living room and bathroom.

Carrie MANIA

This was so awesome I have been to a few concerts and this one was the best by far. She was so upbeat and there were twists, like the long dress for a few songs then after a couple songs it blew off to a short dress. I was pleasantly surprised because she was fairly new to the business. If anyone has the opportunity to go to a Carrie concert I advise you to go! She even sang a couple that I hadn't heard before. Seth was there with me and he even enjoyed it which was a surprise. He said that she sounds better in person than on record.

Splish Splash

This was Logan and Haiden's first bath together. Logan thought this was sooooo cool. Log did really good and Haiden loved to just watch Logan have fun. At this time Haiden still was going nuts when he was snaked, he would scratch himself until he bleeds. That is why we had the sock on his hands. He is doing better now but he will still do it if you let him poor thing.


I know this is a while back but I have some catching up to do. Just a little though! This is Haiden about 4 months old getting his first food (carrots)! He wasn't to sure at the beginning but after a while he warmed up to them. As you can see I forgot to put on a bib good thing it was already stained.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Blessing Day

I know this was like 5 months ago but I just loaded the pics onto my computer from Mom's camera. I thought I would share our special day. I was so fun to not only bless our Haiden we were able to bless my adorable nephew Chase at the same time. It was a special day and want to thank my family for being there! We love you all!

30 Tiny Moments Day 10

This is Nana's Favorite thing to do with her babies. She is always offering to read and Logan never hesitates he runs over and picks out what he wants and jumps on her lap. Haiden was so good he just sat there and looked her and Logan.

ScrapFEST Friends 08

Here we are I loved this past weekend I had such a blast with my sisters and my new friends. I met three new people and loved all three! Emilie, Lori & Jaime. I was able to get more scrapping done in this one weekend than I have in my whole life. I started scrapping after my wedding but then Logan came along and I kinda forgot about it. I was able to get 15 pages done. Logan's second birthday, family cook night, and Mommy and Daddy pages from when Logi was born. I am thrilled! I hope to find more time but now with 2 little ones time is a luxury.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


HE DID IT! Today was the day Haiden rolled over. I was changing his diaper and there he went when I was done he decided I'm going to roll over today. Whe he was like a month old he did it a couple times but I didn't count those cause he was on a slight slope. He was so cute and happy when he did it he had that look in his face like "How did I do that!" I love that look when they figure out how to do something you can just see the thought process.

30 Tiny Moments Day 9

Our little goofball!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mama Mia Pizzaria

This was so much fun it was our first time cooking dinner as a family. Logan had a blast he was right in the action just how he likes it.

Daddy showed off his pizza tossing skills. He used to work at a pizza place in high school. Logan really wanted to try it he thought it was really cool that daddy was throwing food.

Logan found a piece of left over dough and he started to pound it just like daddy was when he was neading the dough.

We were very pleased with the result they sure looked pretty but did they taste good? THEY ACTUALLY DID! Suprisingly they did taste better than we expected! All in all our first family cook night turned out really fun!

Monday, February 18, 2008


I should have got photos before we unloaded it. There was stuff up here that was dated back to 1965; credit cards Bon Marche cards paperwork it was really cool to go through and see all of it and the pictures of my grandparents. Plus Seth and I had all our storage up here on top of some of moms furniture. So you can imagine the amount of stuff that came out of this big space. It is now all downstairs until we can go through it and be sure the fam gets everything they would like to keep of grandma & grandpas! Meanwhile Seth and I and with the much needed help of friends we are gutting it! I am currently working on the wall paper and I am about to tear my hair out. I have tried water, scoring, DIF nothing seems to do the job. We closed in a door that led to the dead end boukeny. We can still get out there from the bedroom. We are also planning on putting in a door so the kiddos can't get to the stairs. Mom and Dad are planning on replacing all the windows and putting some french doors in the beroom where the sliding glass door is. Putting new carpet down and painting. We have a lot ahead of us but are so excited to have more space for the time we are here at my parents. And I am totally sieked cause i have never been able to have a space to decorate and mom has told me I can pick the colors as long as they aren't to wild. I will keep a log of our progress!

30 Tiny Moments 8

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Logan's First Concert

This was so much fun! Logan watches Rags Kids Club Band every morning at 10 am. And loves to dance along to their songs and so when they announced that they were coming to the Dome we jumped at the chance to get tickets (thanks again Nana and Papa). His little eyes lit up when he realized who was on the stage and just smiled and pointed at them. I was so afraid he would get scared and confused by seeing them in person. He did really well!!!!

At intermission there was a loud crash and Logan was so scared Seth had to take him out and calm him down, even when he came back he had this really frightened look on his face. I was shocked how loud it was for the age group that was there, or I just have a little fraddy cat. All in all Logan Daddy and I all had an awesome time and he still dances to them every morning.

30 Tiny Moments Day 2

Monday, February 11, 2008


Logan turned 2 December 26th we had a really fun party! It was all about Elmo I really tried hard to give him the time he deserved on his Birthday being so close to Christmas and I think we pulled it off really well! Everyone for the last two years has told me that Logan's Birthday wouldn't be anything special being so close to Christmas, but I have vowed to not let that happen!

Uncle Adam so graciously volunteered to decorate Logan's personal Elmo cake since I was so concerned about how it would turn out if I did it. He did a awesome job and it turned out perfect! Thank you Uncle Adam!!! It took Logi a minute to figure out that he was supposed to eat Elmo. He got a really worried look on his face when we put Elmo in front of him and gave him a fork, it was priceless. But when Mom and Dad helped him realize it was OK there was no stopping him as you saw in today's 30 Timy Moments.

After cake and ice cream it was time for presents and if Christmas wasn't enough he had a whole lot. I guess thats what happens when he has so many Aunts and Uncles home and Nana & Papa to celebrate with him! It really turned out great Logan was so happy and still won't get off the Bike Nana got him. He knows how to pedal it finally but is still a little to short for it to be easy so he pushes on the floor to move it.
Thank you to all that were there and made Logan's day as special as it was. You are wonderful and we miss you all!

Another Penning Christmas

This wasn't event the end of the presents. This was just the begining. My mom had three new additions to the family and it definatley shows. We keep telling her that she is going to have to slow down sooner than later. And now that we have 4 more coming soon she realized that this year I think! I love that my mother is so giving she doesn't want anyone to go without and always loves to see our faces Christmas morning. Especially her grandkids faces they are the real stars of the Holiday! Us big kids are just there, and she will tell anyone that! We know she loves us!!! Grandpa shows his Christmas Spirit in another way. He enjoys seeing the kids look at the lights so every two years he adds to his light collection. He loves to see their smiling faces and go nuts! Logan saw the big snowman and just screamed and pointed. He loved it and was so sad when they took it down.

Basford Thanksgiving/Christmas 2007

This past Thanksgiving we headed to Laclede Idaho to visit with Mom & Dad Basford. They love seeing the boys I always know when I go to Idaho my boys will be loved and sooooooo spoiled. All kids need spoiling a little bit right! Grandpa Huby would just sit and rock Haiden for hours then he would wear himself out so much that he would have to go lay down. Know that is so strong love. Grandma Rox just glows when her boys come I love the way they love our children. Uncle Mike was there to and he thinks the world of his nephews and is always willing to take them for walks or share his gummy bears.
Grandma went all out for the kids and loves to give them gifts. Logan especially loves his Curious George monkey he takes it to bed every night. I really enjoyed Rox and my adventure to Walmart (Black) Friday morning after thanksgiving to get our awesome cameras for such a great deal. Thank you both for such a wonderful time we enjoyed everyday!

30 Tiny Moments

(Logan loves his little brother!)
I love this Idea!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tag I'm it!!!

10 years ago: I was 13 years old in the 8th grade. My days consisted of Basketball, getting teased and more Basketball. This ws the year my team went to nationals in Oklahoma City and took 16th in the Nation.

5 things on my to do list today: 1. Put dinner in the crock pot 2. Go to work 3. Finish dinner when I get of work 4. Go to a babyshower 5. Play with my kiddos!

Things I enjoy:Being with my husband and kids, helping others, Church, Family, baking, sports, spending time with friends, scrapbooking, going to the movies, shopping, candy, Holidays, Family get togethers, photography, Playing with my kids, My son Logan when he gets up on my lap and kisses me and starts twirling my hair (it melts my heart), singing, Camping and on and on and on.....

What would I do if I were suddenly a billionaire: Pay tithing, Put my husband through all the schooling he wants, build our dream home, SHOP SHOP SHOP!!!, pay off any debt, put a lot in savings, maybe invest in something, help my inlaws business, buy my first car ( yeah I am 23 and havn't bought my own car thanks to my thoughtfull parents), Help out family and friends that need it, on and on and on as well......

3 of my bad habits:1. I share my sisters bad habit of twirling my hair! 2. nail bytter 3. I jump to conclusions 4. I hate conflict but everyone knows that it can be healthy to get things off your chest. 5. I hate laundry and wear all our clothes till I do it which is really stupid on my part it would be much easier and controlable if I just stay on top of it duh!!!

5 places I have lived:1. Yakima, WA 2. Provo & Orem both, Utah (for 3 weeks!)3. Yakima, WA 4. Yakima, WA 5.Yakima, WA (I get around huh!!!)

5 jobs that I have had:1. Country Kids Day Care provider 2. Kids Shoe Salesman @ The Bon Macy's 3. Secratery for Jim Penning (MY DADDY!!!) 4. Telemarketer for Jim Penning! 5. Custodian for Jim Penning.

5 Things people don't know about me:1. I to am an open book soooooooooooo I cant type with out looking at my hands. 2. I cheated on a spelling test in the 6th grade. 3. I can't stand it when people don't take the cart to the cart return. 4. I am terrible at adding small numbers in my head I always have to think about it. 5. I really can be mean ( really I can)!!!

5 people I am tagging: Rachel, Jaimee, Mom & Dad, Myself, Rachel again! (I don't have five people in my contacts (sad huh))

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I finally did it! I liked Rachel and Adam’s site so much that I decided to give it a shot. I am not as articulate as my big sis or her hubby but I will give it my best shot. I have always known how important keeping a journal is but I am terrible with a pen and thought I might have better luck with the computer. I look forward to logging all of my families growth, the kids do something new everyday. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hello fellow bloggers!

This site is a work in progress!!!