Friday, March 7, 2008

Blessing Day

I know this was like 5 months ago but I just loaded the pics onto my computer from Mom's camera. I thought I would share our special day. I was so fun to not only bless our Haiden we were able to bless my adorable nephew Chase at the same time. It was a special day and want to thank my family for being there! We love you all!

30 Tiny Moments Day 10

This is Nana's Favorite thing to do with her babies. She is always offering to read and Logan never hesitates he runs over and picks out what he wants and jumps on her lap. Haiden was so good he just sat there and looked her and Logan.

ScrapFEST Friends 08

Here we are I loved this past weekend I had such a blast with my sisters and my new friends. I met three new people and loved all three! Emilie, Lori & Jaime. I was able to get more scrapping done in this one weekend than I have in my whole life. I started scrapping after my wedding but then Logan came along and I kinda forgot about it. I was able to get 15 pages done. Logan's second birthday, family cook night, and Mommy and Daddy pages from when Logi was born. I am thrilled! I hope to find more time but now with 2 little ones time is a luxury.